woodwool slab decking for flat roofs

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flexiseal da 600 flat roofing solution from futura roof in ., specifications are available for the fixture to all flat roof decking substrates, including timber, metal, concrete and wood wool slab, giving great versatility in today's construction industry. the system can be applied to any roof area regardless of the size, shape or complexity and can be pigmented to any colour or simulated.

re-covering bitumen felt flat roofs: (february . - church growth trust, chipboard or flaxboard decks are not recommended for new roof structures or repairs/replacements. wood wool slabs. wood wool slabs used for flat roof decking will typically be 50-75mm thick. in their time they were commonly used as a deck which offered greater thermal resistance to heat loss than the conventional.

stramit board or straw board, 20 oct 2012 . we only come across stramit board occasionally now,back in the 90 we replaced lots of old flat roofs with new epdm flat roofs, when we removed the old flat roof we found the flt roof decking was this stramit board some sort of straw coated with cement, apart form it being brittle it stood up to the test of time.

what is woodwool and is it safe? - sustainable build, 16 oct 2008 . the most common use of woodwool is in packaging, although as with your prospective house, it can be used in a range of building products too, ranging from the slabs you mention, to slabs to be used in decking, insulating boards and even roof slabs. having said that, it seems to be more commonly used.

woodwool slab deck - hambleside danelaw, installing the dryseal flat roofing system on a woodwool slab deck with a warm roof build up. specification. made from: grp. downloads. pdf. wwdeckwr drawing · dwg. wwdeckwr drawing. pitched roofing. danelaw pitched roofing · stockists · glass reinforced polyester (grp) · polypropylene. rooflights &.

nhbc standards 2006 - nhbc campaigns, inverted roof (concrete). cold deck. 7.1 - appendix 7.1b. surface treatments acceptable to nhbc. 7.1 - appendix 7.1c. construction details of flat roofs and balconies . woodwool slabs, type sb, 51, 51, 51. oriented . ballast may consist of paving slabs or a 50mm thickness of rounded pebbles of minimum diameter 19mm.

woodwool slabs – manufacture, properties and use, in sti tute of tech nol ogy, lund uni ver sity. his mas ter's the sis dealt with wa ter leak age in flat roofs in tu ni sia, and he wrote a build ing is sue on the topic in 1989. he is the house ex pert on foot ball and spends all his free time out in the swed ish rain cheer ing on his home team malmö ff. contents. acknowledgements.

woodwool slab 600mm x 1200mm - ecomerchant, woodwool is a building board suitable for carrying lime or clay renders and plasters. it is made from mineralised wood, giving a board that is breathable "vapour permeable", rot resistant and durable. due to its high timber content, there is no problem with disposal and gives off no harmful gases or vapours when burnt.

woodwool - sandberg, it was used generally during the 1960s to provide insulation often at roof level and as a permanent shutter to in-situ concrete. unfortunately, when woodwool was . woodwool boards were used both as a permanent shuttering to flat slabs but also as a void former between concrete ribs. at a building in west london the.

flat roof deck types design guides - bauder, woodwool slabs. when using this type of decking, slabs must conform to bs en 13168 and be at least 50mm thick. they should have a prescreeded top surface and . this type of deck is no longer recommended for use in flat roof applications due to its long term structural instability, especially if contaminated by moisture.

typical life expectancy of building components element . - etool, roof and rainwater. timber batten on concrete slab raised access floor. 45. disposal installations. timber pitched roof. 84. softwood decking to flat roof. 37. chipboard decking to flat roof. 26. 34. aluminium decking to flat roof. 39. galvanised steel decking to flat roof. 35. insulation to flat roof. 36. 19. asphalt covering to flat.

sig design technology flat roof overlay - when to use single ., 19 aug 2016 . there were also options for a pre-screeded type which carried a thin cementitious screed topping. woodwool slabs were also used to fully over screed with a minimum 50mm screed thickness. unless fully screeded, woodwool slabs must be considered as a fragile roof deck. the inspection should also.

untitled, stock of flat roofs in the u.k. and the poor performance of these roofs has a major influence on the current image of flat roofs. current situation. up to the end of the.. i metal decking 3.06 l wood wool slabs 3.0'3lr n wood chipboard 3.08. except for the simplest of roofs, the roofdeck design demands the services of a.

health and safety in roof work hsg33 - hse, working on roofs is a high-risk activity because it involves working at height. roofers make up nearly a quarter of all workers killed in falls from height at work. falls through fragile materials, such as roof lights and asbestos cement roofing sheets, account for more of these deaths than any other single cause. not all those.

roofing - mastic asphalt council, concrete slabs and concrete decks cast in situ should be drained downwards through temporary drain holes formed in the low points of the roof deck. subject to checking their effect on structural strength, the . it should be taken into account that other flat. screeded surface, fixed in accordance with the wood wool slab.

specify spra - radmat, ply membranes in flat roofing. a system whereby the membrane is bonded to the substrate using a. where a surface finish, ballast, paving slabs, or decking is applied to the roof, this minimum height is to be measured. woodwool cement slabs should conform to bs en 13168. the minimum required thickness is 50mm.

when to overlay flat roofs with single ply membranes - iko ic, 5 aug 2016 . there were also options for a pre-screeded type which carried a thin cementitious screed topping. woodwool slabs were also used to fully over screed with a minimum 50mm screed thickness. unless fully screeded, woodwool slabs must be considered as a fragile roof deck. the inspection should also.

flat roof defects - designing buildings wiki, 18 jan 2018 . a concrete slab flat roof is normally made up of a structural layer finished with a smooth screed onto which a water proof layer such as a membrane is laid. the roof should . timber flat roof construction usually consists of structural joists topped with a decking of plywood or a similar sheet material. as with.

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woodwool slab decking for flat roofs