how to fix a soft boat floor

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Soft spot Repair or Whole floor Page: 1 - iboats.,Re: Soft spot Repair or Whole floor Welcome to iBoats! Until you get the Astro Turf pulled off and cut the soft spots out and take a look below you won't know for.

boat floor repair.. help needed | Open Freshwater.,Ok so I have a soft spot about 4x4 in my floor. It is fiberglass. It's a 89 stratos bass boat if that helps any. I was thinking to simply cut out the damaged area.

Soft Floor - Easy Fix or too much trouble. Page: 1.,Re: Soft Floor - Easy Fix or too much trouble. If the floor is really that bad, I can't believe the stringers are in as good a shape as you believe.

Tips on Buying a Used Boat - Custom Boat Repairs,Tips on Buying a Used Boat.. But this repair can go beyond the floor and to. If they are that would mean that maybe the wood is soft and rotting or a gorilla.

Viewing a thread - Fixing small soft spots in boat floor....,Member Posts: 744: I have 2 very small soft spots in the floor of my Lund Pro-V. They are only about the size of your foot and I would like to fix them as I am going.

Rot Repair in Fiberglass Boats - ROT DOCTOR,Rot Repair in Fiberglass Boats.. You go to fix the floor and find. Just as often the damage is a matter of stripped-out mounting hole wood that has gone soft.

Soft floor, Git Rot any good - The Hull Truth - Boating.,The boat sat bow down on the trailer so water got under the floor and caused a soft spot. I put the boat under a tarp to keep it dry, drilled a few holes in the deck but not through the deck (just into the soft wood), let the deck dry out in the South Florida heat, then used Git Rot like stuff.

Foam repair to soft deck-spots | SailingForums,I am planning to repair some soft spots in the deck by injecting foam in between the. Foam repair to soft deck-spots.. Try if it works before using it on the boat.

MAS Epoxies Fixing Soft Deck Part 1&2 - YouTube,MAS Epoxies Fixing Soft Deck Part 1&2 MAS Epoxies.. Boat floor replacement - Duration:. Peanut Butter And Boat Repair ~ Sealing The Core.

Floor & Transom Repair | Nowak Fiberglass,Stingers and Floor. The most obvious signs that your boat is in need of a new floor is that when walking around you feel soft spots. When we repair a floor we pull up the carpet and then pull up the bad wood and fiberglass. At this point we will check the stingers and motor mounts by taking a core sample.

How do you fix a spongy floor on a boat - Answers,I assume it is a wooden boat/floor.. odd location for this question.. but whatever! If the floor is part of the boats hull, then take the boat out of the water. allow it to dry completely. Check the wood with a knife/screwdriver etc.. to see if it is rotted/flaky. If so, replace the wood.

How to Repair a Soft Boat Deck | eHow,Repairing a soft spot in a fiberglass deck is both a monstrous dance with reciprocating saws and grinders that cut into your boat, and a precise ballet of blending chemicals, cutting materials, and applying them to the wound to produce a finished product barely distinguishable from the original. Things You'll Need

How to Repair Soft Spots in Fiberglass On A Boat - Trails,How to Repair Soft Spots in Fiberglass On A Boat. Soft spots in the fiberglass body of a boat can become a serious problem if not. How to Fiberglass a Boat Floor.

Got some soft spot in the floor. - Boat Talk - Chaparral.,I have some soft spots around the wells of my '80 Chaparral 194. It's unfortunately spent most of its life uncovered when my dad owned it. If I'm not mistak...

Filling/ injecting soft spots on boat deck - The Hull.,The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum. Filling/ injecting soft spots on boat. None of them are super soft where the floor is going to fall through but I.

Some questions about soft spots in floor. - Boating and.,Hi all, Boat is 1995 16 foot Bayliner Capri. The floor at the rear of the boat, in front of where the gas can hides, is soft. Someone has tried to repair it in the.

Have a fiberglass boat with soft flooring how do you repair ,Best Answer: Many people assume that a fiberglass boat is water proof. However, there are many areas of the boat that are constructed from wood. Most likely your boat has been left out in the rain, or has a leak somewhere that allowed water to seep into the wooden parts of the structure.

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how to fix a soft boat floor