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satin or semigloss finish? - the flooring girl, feb 4, 2014 . satin is by far the preferred choice for westchester county. most of my customers specifically ask for this finish and virtually all decorators strongly recommend it. satin sheen level is preferred on all shades of hardwood from dark to light and everything in between. i would venture to guess that 80-90% of my.

matte, satin, semi gloss: choosing the right sheen for hardwood ., jun 30, 2017 . typically, hardwood flooring sheens come in three levels; semi-gloss, satin, and matte. we'll go through each one individually momentarily. a good rule to keep in mind is that the sheen level will either allow for reflection from or absorption of light rays hitting the floor surface. in general a semi gloss finish.

gloss, satin, matte hardwood floor finishes - comparisons, gloss, satin, matte hardwood floor finishes. what's best for me? why? many that are new to hardwood floor shopping find themselves in a quandary; which type to choose? a bit of history may shed some light on the current preference for matte finished floors.

hardwood floor finish - satin or gloss, mar 13, 2013 . just salvaged floors that i thought were doa - came out way better than expected. two darker spots were it was badly damaged but to me that adds "character". only issue is the floor guy never asked about finish and put down satin (says his clients always go w/ satin). i was thinking it needed a bi.

satin finish for hardwood flooring ideas, jul 30, 2016 . i created this video with the youtube slideshow creator (youtube.com/upload) and content image about : satin finish for hardwood flooring, hardwood floor finishes ,wood floor finishes ,finishing hardwood floors ,best hardwood floor finish ,satin finish hardwood flooring ,satin finish hardwood.

wood floor finishes, hardwood finishes | nwfa, all wood floors will require routine maintenance, such as sweeping or dust mopping, to keep them looking beautiful and new, but the finish will have a big impact on how the floor is maintained long-term, . satin sheens offer less shine than semi-gloss and will reflect less light than semi-gloss, but more light than matte.

satin vs. semi-gloss hardwood finishes - floor coverings ., you've settled on a hardwood style and plank size for your pleasanton or san ramon home and now it's time to think about the finish. our experts at floor coverings international of east bay have a lot of experience with choosing the right gloss level for our customers. the two most popular options today are satin and.

hardwood: what type of gloss level is most stylish satin or . - patch, feb 15, 2014 . when it comes to hardwood floors, which type of finish sheen is most in style? there are 4 levels of hardwood floor finish sheens: matte, satin, semi-gloss, glossy (from least shiny to most shiny). the sheen measures how shiny or glossy your floor's finish is. different people have different preferences.

flooring finish sheens - tiny timbers, finish gloss or sheen levels for hardwood floors. what is a gloss or sheen level? gloss is an optical term that describes the ability of a surface to reflect light. the higher the gloss level, the more it directly reflects light. the lower the gloss level, the surface absorbs and diffuses the light sources. this is normally measured.

satin or semigloss finish for hardwood floors?, oct 20, 2016 . we're refinishing our floors with oil-based poly and are trying to decide on a finish. i'm hoping to keep it similar or slightly less shiny than the current finish (i don't want them to be super shiny). which would you recommend: satin or semi-gloss?

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hardwood floor finishes satin